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It's Tunesday

It's Tuesday so that means it's Tunesday (geddit)! Seven tunes to listen to this week. 

I always like a mix tape! That's why I'm in love with YouTube. Playlists to work by and to cheer me up, and that's why I wanted to create a mini playlist of tunes that I'll be listening to this week. They're a pretty random selection, and if you want to listen to them all, here's my Tunesday Playlist for this week on YouTube. 
Stranded in a Limousine by Paul Simon One of my favourite Paul Simon tunes, that you don't often hear, and as always it tells a great story. 

Bullet Proof by La Roux performed by Pomplamoose I love Pomplamoose, and this song is brilliant. You have to watch the guy with the beard get so excited. 

The Dead South - In Hell I'll be in Good Company I love this song and this video. The perfect tune for Tuesday!

Durand Jones & The Indications - Is It Any Wonder I've been listening to the Paste Studio sessions for a while now and they are always…

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