Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Mini burnt boxes

Sorry to bother you... no, you carry on, don't want to stop you watching tv with your mouth full... this is just a tiny blog post about two teeney tiny burnt boxes, that's all. Read it later while you're fast forwarding through the adverts, it's a tiny post

So I made these tiny boxes... and I love them! Is it rude to like your own creations? I'm not sure, but I do really like the smallness of these. Best thing about them is that they took no time at all to make, which is bloody marvellous since my big boxes take ages.

The hardest part of making these boxes was finding the actual boxes. Nobody seems to make boxes this small (just 10cm x 6cm). I managed to get these from The Range weirdly. But, with most things, once you want more of something the shops run out. I had Mr Husband going in search of boxes in his lunch hour and I made a dash to Canterbury at dusk! It was then I realised that box madness had taken hold and I needed to calm it!!

Anyway, the smallness of these boxes got me thinking, and now I really want to do a set of tiny boxes inspired by the designs of those fabulous vintage Indian match boxes. This is my next project... once I've completed the ten boxes that are due to go to Yorkshire (I need to get a move on with those, and stop watching so much tv).

Box madness... my map of The Range for Mr Husband... GET 6!!

Well, that's it! Definitely not worth pausing the tv for but thanks for reading xxxxx

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

A burnt sewing box that's sew you!

A burnt sewing box for all the sewing things you've got stuffed in that middle drawer of yours! Yes, I'm talking to you!

I don't know anyone who sews who is totally organised. OK, some people have dedicated sewing rooms, but I bet they still have boxes and drawers full of random bits and bobs. I mean where do you store that metre of elastic you kept, and those two lovely glass buttons you had left over? 
I like to browse all the storage tips on Pinterest and just dream of a time when my life would be that organised. I've wasted quite a few hours staring at someone else's beautifully organised storage ideas. It's just a crazy dream I (often) have, but its not going to come true because I love my boxes full of cotton reels, bias binding, needles, odd scraps of fabric and little gadgets I've never used but might one day. My drawers might be messy, but they are pretty and full of surprises*.
(*please note: I'm talking about wooden drawers, not frilly drawers)

This wooden box has nine compartments and is the perfect depth for cotton reels. I do have a bit of a soft spot for vintage cotton-reel labels, but don't we all! That's another way to waste time on Pinterest, search for vintage cotton reel labels and you'll forget to feed people.

This particular box will be heading its way to Yorkshire, which is fine but means I'll have to make one of these boxes for myself; I need it desperately. If you would like one too, I'll make you one. £55 (plus postage and packaging). Just leave a comment below, or follow me on twitter and message me. Thanks for reading XXX.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Sunday Sevens (number 12)

I haven't written any Sunday Sevens this year, mainly due to the lack of photographs (I don't really use my mobile phone so it's never charged up). So in an effort to get back into the swing of things this is a very brief snap-shot of what's been happening in 2016 so far.... breaking and entering Canterbury Cathedral, gorging on ice-cream, burning a million boxes, wrestling dog poo and shopping for office bras.

1. In January The Beaney in Canterbury had a Star Wars toys exhibit which Mr Husband wanted to see. I, however, found a much better exhibit called Cardboard Canterbury, a look at the city through the eyes of those experiencing homelessness. It really was a good exhibit with work by adults which offered a commentary on homelessness, or had an element of escapism. Loved it. My mum was with me at the time, and having dismissed the Star Wars exhibit as 'bloody boring', she found a bench in the Cardboard Canterbury exhibit and reckoned she could see everything from there. She couldn't, but she didn't move. I think people thought she was part of the exhibit.

2. I haven't stopped burning boxes; it has been happily manic. Here are just some of the boxes I've made this year and I've got to get a move on and do eleven more before mid-March. But enough about boxes, I think I've bored you enough!

3. Whenever me and my little girlie are having lunch in our favourite cafe (we call it our 'secret cafe' which makes it sound much more magical than it is) she always asks if we can explore Canterbury Cathedral. Every time we go (which is a lot) I see something different, it's such an amazing place. The last time we went it was fairly empty of tourists, so we were given a mini tour by one of the lovely guides and he let us go inside the Dean's Chapel which is usually locked! Thinking about it, I hope he was an official guide otherwise we've been breaking and entering! Anyway, in this little chapel there was the tomb of Charles Fotherby who died in 1619. His tomb is fabulously macabre with human skeletons, skulls and bones carved from alabaster, which look eerily realistic. Of course I have no photos of that due to the disfunctional relationship I have with my mobile phone. I do have a photo of the beautiful vaulted ceiling though! Go and google the tomb if you want to see it, I can't be carrying around a bloody phone all the time because you're too lazy to google!

4. So my diet started in January just as a new ice cream parlour opened up in Canterbury! What great luck! I have managed to stay away from 'heaven on earth' as I call it, but a couple of weeks ago (needing to reward myself) I went ON MY OWN to have this fabulous creation. It's got Ferrero Rochers on it! And it was delicious! Enough said! I'm now back on the diet, and back to the internal dialogues of ME trying to convincing ME that I no longer eat crap. I do like crap, but don't let ME know.

5. Another place we have been to a lot is Whistable. We love it here so much, and apart from the HUGE amount of dog poo, we always have a great time. The best bit is exploring the little alleyways, welly-paddling in the sea, having a drink in the Windy Stores Cafe and then back to the car to transport dog turd after dog turd back to Canterbury on girlies shoes and scooter. Honestly, she starts off a metre tall and by the time we've walked around Whitstable she's a metre and a half. Love it!

6. Swimming lessons for girlie and two of her little friends have started and it's brilliant for three fabulous reasons: one, she's learning to swim; two, she's spending time with her lovely friends; and three, I DONT HAVE TO GO IN WITH HER! I don't have to spend an hour practically naked, mostly out of the water, chasing her around in front of the student population of Canterbury. It is brilliant.

7. The big thing that has happened so far this year is that I will be going back to my old job, two days a week to coincide with my girlie being at preschool. I've managed to avoid all mention of work up until now, but the offer came along and I decided to take it. My way of preparing myself mentally is to write a list of stuff to buy. This is my actual list, and you can see that it's all about the clothes and the stationery. We all need a good ring binder and bra to make a good impression! Just have to get the dog shit off my shoes!

Well, thanks for reading my waffle. I'll try and write my Sunday Sevens on time, that's if I can remember my phone! Xxxx

Friday, 5 February 2016

Sweets for my sweet

Anyone for sweets?
This is a special nine-compartment box all ready to put sweets in! I made this one to show people, and I filled it with my favourite sweets! Big mistake! All the sweets are now in me (just couldn't stop scoffing). I have sold three already though, and two will be going to the wonderful Goldfinch Galleries in Whitstable!

Looks like an innocent box until....

...... oh no! SWEETS!

Pictured below are all the boxes that will be available at the Goldfinch Galleries in Whitstable, so why not pop along and see them!

Plus, if you would like a sweet boxes, just comment below and I'll make one for you. You can personalise it with a message inside if you like too! £55 each.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Chocolate boxes for Easter and Valentines Day

I'm out of my comfort zone! I'm about to do something I hate doing. It's making me nervous! No, I'm not going on Gok Wan's 'How to Look Good Naked', it's far worse! I'm going to try and sell some boxes to the mums at playgroup! I really don't feel like I want to do it. Frankly, I'd feel a lot more comfortable in my knickers, in public, with Gok and my whole family staring at me.

A week ago I had an idea to make some vintage-tattoo Valentines chocolate boxes and some birdie-bird Easter boxes, and then I could take them to the lovely ladies who I see every Thursday, and FORCE them to buy them. All I have concentrated on, since having that stupid idea, is making the boxes and choosing what chocolates to fill them with. It's only now I realise that I have to sell the boxes to ACTUAL people. My playgroup ladies are funny, intelligent, nice people, so I feel like I'm going to ruin their morning tauting my wares. I did think of just setting up a table and having an honesty box, but my mother said that was 'ridiculous', and I had to do it properly!

So I'll let you know how I get on, and if I get cold feet and do a runner in my knickers!
Thanks for reading xxxx!

The third whitstable-inspired burnt box - harbour books

I have finally finished my third burnt box in the Whitstable set... sanded, varnished and finished! Hoorah! The third box is the beautiful Harbour Books which is a fabulous independent bookshop, where you can not only find a bargain, but plenty of books you don't see in Waterstones. This is one of my favourite book shops, so it had to go on a box.

I'm quite pleased with the finish on these boxes as they are very smooth and soft to touch. I've realised that sanding between varnishes really pays off. We had the back-door lock fixed which means I can get to the shed now, but it's been so cold I've done all my boxes in the house, which means that the kitchen table is again a total disaster. I've done so much sanding that my fingers and finger nails are rough and disgusting, and I woke up last night worrying about the affects of the sanding on my girlie's lungs. I checked her breathing twice, convinced I'd bunged her up with saw dust. Thankfully she's fine.
Well, that's it for my Whitstable range of boxes, and hopefully (fingers crossed) they will be going into a gallery in Whitstable soon.

Thanks for reading xxxx.