Friday, 5 February 2016

Sweets for my sweet

Anyone for sweets?
This is a special nine-compartment box all ready to put sweets in! I made this one to show people, and I filled it with my favourite sweets! Big mistake! All the sweets are now in me (just couldn't stop scoffing). I have sold three already though, and two will be going to the wonderful Goldfinch Galleries in Whitstable!

Looks like an innocent box until....

...... oh no! SWEETS!

Pictured below are all the boxes that will be available at the Goldfinch Galleries in Whitstable, so why not pop along and see them!

Plus, if you would like a sweet boxes, just comment below and I'll make one for you. You can personalise it with a message inside if you like too! £55 each.

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