Tuesday, 16 February 2016

A burnt sewing box that's sew you!

A burnt sewing box for all the sewing things you've got stuffed in that middle drawer of yours! Yes, I'm talking to you!

I don't know anyone who sews who is totally organised. OK, some people have dedicated sewing rooms, but I bet they still have boxes and drawers full of random bits and bobs. I mean where do you store that metre of elastic you kept, and those two lovely glass buttons you had left over? 
I like to browse all the storage tips on Pinterest and just dream of a time when my life would be that organised. I've wasted quite a few hours staring at someone else's beautifully organised storage ideas. It's just a crazy dream I (often) have, but its not going to come true because I love my boxes full of cotton reels, bias binding, needles, odd scraps of fabric and little gadgets I've never used but might one day. My drawers might be messy, but they are pretty and full of surprises*.
(*please note: I'm talking about wooden drawers, not frilly drawers)

This wooden box has nine compartments and is the perfect depth for cotton reels. I do have a bit of a soft spot for vintage cotton-reel labels, but don't we all! That's another way to waste time on Pinterest, search for vintage cotton reel labels and you'll forget to feed people.

This particular box will be heading its way to Yorkshire, which is fine but means I'll have to make one of these boxes for myself; I need it desperately. If you would like one too, I'll make you one. £55 (plus postage and packaging). Just leave a comment below, or follow me on twitter and message me. Thanks for reading XXX.

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  1. What a gorgeous sewing treasure box! I know a young lady, who is currently sewing herself a patchwork quilt, who would love this box!! When I was a child I loved rifling through my Nanny's sewing box, so many interesting bits and bobs... Xxxx


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