Wednesday, 3 February 2016

The third whitstable-inspired burnt box - harbour books

I have finally finished my third burnt box in the Whitstable set... sanded, varnished and finished! Hoorah! The third box is the beautiful Harbour Books which is a fabulous independent bookshop, where you can not only find a bargain, but plenty of books you don't see in Waterstones. This is one of my favourite book shops, so it had to go on a box.

I'm quite pleased with the finish on these boxes as they are very smooth and soft to touch. I've realised that sanding between varnishes really pays off. We had the back-door lock fixed which means I can get to the shed now, but it's been so cold I've done all my boxes in the house, which means that the kitchen table is again a total disaster. I've done so much sanding that my fingers and finger nails are rough and disgusting, and I woke up last night worrying about the affects of the sanding on my girlie's lungs. I checked her breathing twice, convinced I'd bunged her up with saw dust. Thankfully she's fine.
Well, that's it for my Whitstable range of boxes, and hopefully (fingers crossed) they will be going into a gallery in Whitstable soon.

Thanks for reading xxxx.

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