Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Mini burnt boxes

Sorry to bother you... no, you carry on, don't want to stop you watching tv with your mouth full... this is just a tiny blog post about two teeney tiny burnt boxes, that's all. Read it later while you're fast forwarding through the adverts, it's a tiny post

So I made these tiny boxes... and I love them! Is it rude to like your own creations? I'm not sure, but I do really like the smallness of these. Best thing about them is that they took no time at all to make, which is bloody marvellous since my big boxes take ages.

The hardest part of making these boxes was finding the actual boxes. Nobody seems to make boxes this small (just 10cm x 6cm). I managed to get these from The Range weirdly. But, with most things, once you want more of something the shops run out. I had Mr Husband going in search of boxes in his lunch hour and I made a dash to Canterbury at dusk! It was then I realised that box madness had taken hold and I needed to calm it!!

Anyway, the smallness of these boxes got me thinking, and now I really want to do a set of tiny boxes inspired by the designs of those fabulous vintage Indian match boxes. This is my next project... once I've completed the ten boxes that are due to go to Yorkshire (I need to get a move on with those, and stop watching so much tv).

Box madness... my map of The Range for Mr Husband... GET 6!!

Well, that's it! Definitely not worth pausing the tv for but thanks for reading xxxxx

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  1. The box size makes for miniature images, rather pleasing. Like a vignette.


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