Monday, 30 May 2016

A room for Girlie

I've recently realised a few things! Firstly, living with two adorable kittens means you'll never want to do anything else, except stroke and play with them; housework and blog posts will just seem irrelevant. Secondly, I am totally incompetent when it comes to hanging pictures. Thirdly, Groucho Marx was right about a lot of things. And fourthly, children actually, like, totally, grow!

About three months ago we realised that Girlie looked like a giant in her cot bed. While we contemplated if there was a leak and the bed had shrunk, I also noticed that her clothes were getting bigger and no longer easily fitted in her small chest of drawers. What was going on? Beds getting smaller, clothes getting bigger! Oh, of course, it must be something to do with Alice in Wonderland! But no... apparently children GROW! Who knew? 

Armed with this secret insider-knowledge, we decided we needed to put her in a larger room and buy a proper single bed. This was where Mr Husband's input ended, apart from, of course, very important rubbish disposal, heavy lifting and silent critiquing. So I painted her new bedroom – one wall white, the other lavender grey (with disapproving eyebrow-raising from Mr Husband). I spent a crazy amount of time looking at wallpaper online, but decided £45 a roll was ridiculous. So after some uncertainty decided on the £10 rolls in B&Q (Mr Husband approved of that). Then me and my mum wallpapered with Girlie on pasting duty (Mr Husband kindly pointed out the wonky bits by the skirting board). The carpet finally got fitted and the bed delivered, and then it was time for the best bits, the little details.


"A child of five could understand this. Send someone to fetch a child of five." Groucho Marx


I cannot for the life of me hammer a nail straight into a wall. I have inherited this lack of skill from my mum. She once bought a rubber hammer for hanging pictures, because she thought it would be less noisy! That's the level of skill I've inherited. So in all the pictures you'll see the hilariously positioned wonky pictures hanging on curled up nails!

Next, were the many visits to Tiger in Canterbury. I found an ice-cream cushion, ice-cream hooks, stand-up stickers of dogs to go on the picture frames, light up flags and little picture baskets. What a great shop! 

Then, the many hours scrolling through pictures on Pinterest! And finally, the lost afternoon in the loft searching for the fairy door I never found, and the light-up tree, which is in three bloody pieces!

Then, there was the idea to have a canopy of curtains so that Girlie could have a little bed-den. I decided I could use a shower rail, but it needed fixing to the wall. This meant that I needed Sugru - the special playdoh that hardens to plastic and adheres to anything. After many hours searching in B&Q, I found one lonely packet in the wrong aisle, on the wrong shelf!

Having done this, another idea happened – to turn one section of some IKEA shelves into a doll's house. This meant painting a roof and chimney onto the wall, using hairy masking tape (because Girlie had discovered masking tape is great for carpets?!). Not easy!

Then the joy of creating the little dolls house, but not being able to find the bag of dolls-house accessories that have somehow self-combusted. The dolls house still worked out, but I had to improvise. It'll soon be trashed anyway, so not to worry.

And that's it. Bedroom done. Rest of house a total mess but who cares – we've got kittens to play with! Hopefully, I'll be back to regular blogging soon! Thanks for reading XXXX.


  1. Every little girl's dream bedroom!! What a talented mumma girlie has... Xxx

  2. Such a lucky girl! What a beautiful room :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Cinnamon Girl! I enjoyed making it, but you should see it right at this moment now that girlie has 'settled in' ... toys toys toys! Ha ha xxx


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