Thursday, 7 April 2016

The start of a great adventure - another burnt pencil box

Here's another burnt pencil box, which I made while me and Girlie were having a pyjama day. I think we've had so many days out she was desperate to play at home, just chill out and make a mess. So in-between running around the garden, playing balloon tennis, and numerous games of Silly Moo and Pig Pop, I made this.

I'm finding it quite liberating just doodling straight on to a small box, then burning and painting it without thinking too much about it. Bish bash bosh it's done and I get an immediate sense of satisfaction. Sometimes the larger boxes drag on a bit, and I get lost in the planning.

This box carries on the theme of a little someone starting school in September. A little cat fast asleep oblivious that he's starting a great adventure. Honestly, these pencil boxes are getting more and more sentimental! Note to self: get a grip!

The colours were a bit problematic. I decided I wanted to paint the main bit of the box in a lighter shade of grey than the last one. I mixed the paint, painted the box and then did a comparison - I'd managed to mix the same colour as the last box EXACTLY. I'm just slightly in love with a dark slate grey apparently. But who isn't?

So there you go, another pencil box. If you want one let me know! Thanks for reading! Xxxxxx

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