Friday, 8 April 2016

The Happy Anniversary burnt box

This box was an experiment with gold and silver acrylic paint, and came about because I had a good lunch and a conversations about super powers.

On Thursday I found myself browsing enthusiastically around an art shop in Canterbury. I'd just had confit de canard at Cafe Rouge and was still enjoying the wonderful glow (confit de canard always makes me happy). Girlie had eaten all of her macaroni cheese and we had had a good chat over lunch about what super powers kittens have*. It was a good day. And then I saw the selection of acrylic paints I usually ignore - the metallic ones. I think the joie de vivre just made me go a bit experimental and I opened the gold tube and saw the wonderful intense colour inside. They only had 200ml tubes, so I now own 200ml of gold and a 60ml tube of silver. I have no idea why. Anyway, when I got home and the canard-induced-glow had run out, I thought 'shit, I better see what I can do with these bloody paints I spent nearly £20 on'!

I had wanted to do an anniversary box as I'm trying to put together a collection of boxes, and it makes sense that an anniversary box needs to look a bit special - so this box was the one to go gold; it also has silver on the leaves but you can't see that in the pictures.

One of my favourite colour combinations is dark gun metal grey and mustard yellow, so using gold instead of mustard goes well. However, this grey theme is getting out of hand, plus now I have 199ml of gold paint, so don't be surprised if every box from now on is gold and grey!

And that's what happens when you venture out with a three and a half year old. Thanks for reading! Xxx

*According to Girlie, all kittens, OBVIOUSLY, have three main super powers. The ability to find cheese, the ability to jump onto houses and the ability to beat mice at races. Yes, this blog is educational too. My pleasure!

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