Wednesday, 13 April 2016

The French poodle burnt pencil box

I've gone all 'French poodle'... as usual, tch! Haven't we all though, let's be honest?! I love drawing French poodles, I think it's because in my world they ALL wear berets, and have an interesting and cultured life. So I needed to make another pencil box. I was going to make it festive, but the last box was too much 'Christmas' for me so this is a Joyeux Noel box without the Noel. 

I had a morning free to paint this box, so I had a lovely relaxing time just enjoying the peace and quiet and listening to Radio 4 (yes, I'm middle aged!). I didn't realise the time had gone so quickly, and when I looked at the clock I only had 15 minutes to get dressed, have a quick wash and get in the car. I needed to collect Girlie from preschool!!! Yikes!!! Honestly, all that was going through my head was 'oh crap, the pre-school teachers are going to think I've just been watching This Morning and eating cake. Why did I wash my nice jeans today? Now I have to wear jeans with paint all over them'. Thankfully they didn't comment on my disheveled appearance, which was made far worse by the grey paint ALL OVER my hands! I blame the newspaper report of a school that told parents off for still being in their pajamas when collecting children. They basically made ALL parents paranoid. In the back of my mind I fear that there could be a time when I accidentally turn up in PJs and then I'm branded a rubbish parent. Anyway.....

The box was finished and I was actually early to pick Girlie up. Thankfully! This is the fourth pencil box I've done and they are addictive to make. Small enough to be quick to do, and a good shape to fit the painted pencils on. I've still got more to make, but now I'm fed up of them, so next up is something different. 

Well thanks for reading! And always remember to get dressed and have a wash BEFORE painting. 

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