Sunday, 3 April 2016

Sunday Sevens #16 - the film noir version

This week, my Sunday Sevens is sponsored by the colours black, white and gold. I had an idea to 'style out' my post and it didn't work (at all), but it made me laugh at the lengths I was going to with the images, so I've decided to show you the catastrophe. I mean, you know style is dominating substance when you're trying to convince your three year old to only build Lego in black, white and yellow! So anyway, this week we've been to playgrounds, done gardening, painted and played... but non of that is in this Sunday Sevens. Instead you get the film noir version of my week....

1. This picture makes it look like me and Girlie got stuck in a David-Copperfield-Dickensian flash-back, but no... we went to sunny seaside Whitstable this week to meet my lovely friend Wendy! Blue skies, children running around with ice creams and people smiling. There were no sut-nosed orphans running away from angry men with dogs while asking stern headmasters if they could have more gruel. Amazing!

2. The following day we landed between the pages of Graham Greene's Brighton Rock. We were on edge and nervous and had to run away from young hoods with blades. We kept in the shadows under the pier and by the end of the day Girlie was running with a gang of thieves and swindlers. In actual fact, we just had a lovely day on the beach in Sandgate with a fishing net and bucket!

3. On Friday we went Jurassic! It was terrifying! Me and Girlie confronted by dinosaurs. Their gnashing teeth and huge claws inches from our faces as we hid in our upturned car trying not to scream.... We just went to Wingham Wildlife Park actually, where they've now got some plastic animated dinosaurs (why???). Girlie wasn't impressed, "no, I don't want to see those silly dinosaurs, I just want to go to playground".

4. I have spent quite a bit of time this week making a memory box for my amazing friend Tonya who had her fourth child this week. But try and get a baby pink, blue and white burnt box into this week's stylish post was impossible. So you've got this... A tiny detail of the box with the colour drained out of it so it looks like it's a relic.

5. From here on it gets ridiculous! So I couldn't think of a black, white or gold image which was relevant to the week until.... White paint! I ran out of white paint this week. I told you it was style over substance. I do use a lot of acrylic paint and running out of white is pretty annoying but oi vey!

6. While styling up images for this week's Sunday Sevens I needed more pictures with gold in! So looking across the living room I saw Girlie in her lovely bee skirt. Perfect! It's mustard and black! Pretty close. "Stand still darling, I need a picture of your skirt". It is cute though, but I'll not pretend it's at all relevant.

7. On Saturday we went bowling with Girlie! She really wanted to go for some unknown reason, so I booked it and we went and had a great time. I thought "brilliant, I'll get photographs of white pins and black balls. It'll be a monochrome dream". No it wasn't, everything was rainbow coloured and neon! So here's some bowling balls with the colour, again, knocked out!

8. Surprise! You get an eighth picture because I needed more gold! Bloody gold! So on a visit to Wagamamas I had a beer and fell over myself trying to take a picture of it "it's gold! Quick give me your phone I need a picture!".

And that's it! Do you feel like you need sunshine now? I do... Thanks for reading and have a colourful week! Xxxxx

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