Thursday, 14 April 2016

Burning it up in the shed

It's spring and I can finally get back into the shed to do my boxes!

This winter it's been too cold and muddy for me to trek down to the bottom of the garden. The thought of sitting in the shed painting with the heater on wasn't appealing at all, especially since I'd convinced myself that (a) I was ruining the lawn and making it boggy and (b) I was going to die from the varnish fumes. So I've done all my boxes, since December, on the kitchen table and generally made a right old mess in the house. Today the sun was shining and the sky was blue, so I moved my paints, brushes, varnishes, sketch pads, pencils and wooden boxes back to where they really belong. The house is considerably lighter and gave a little sign of relief.

The best bit about spring and summer is that I can do my boxes while Girlie plays in the garden. She can also paint and glue and glitter as much as she likes in the shed, as there is nothing much to ruin. It's perfect.


I gave the shed a quick clean and a dust, moved the table around and voila! Ready to go... Only thing was, we had a thunder storm straight after the tidy-up and we had to go inside the house. "Quick mummy I know what to do, get under the blanket!". So the garden is again boggy, and I really want to start a new box but Girlie wants to play Dotty Dinousars. Somehow I don't think she'll stay in the shed painting with all this thunder banging on. Maybe tomorrow?...

Anyway, I did discover something really useful! If you read my last post I talked out my mum giving me lots of Douwe Egberts coffee jars, which she said would be good to put pasta in?? I decided to use them today to store my brushes and pencils in, and discovered that when I took the plastic seal off the lids, I've got some lovely glass jars for water when I'm cleaning my brushes.

I also got a bit creative with the old plastic plates I use as palettes. I'm quite lazy about washing my palettes afterwards, and so I kept using Girle's old plastic plates and managed to get through five - all unwashed and caked with paint. I now use foil around one of these plates and just change the foil. So I decided to put a hole in the used plates and hang them in the shed, that way I can always find a palette instead of searching around and getting annoyed with myself. They look quite pretty on the wall too.

If you have a painting shed I'd love to see it and hear about how you got it all organised. 
Thanks for reading! XXXX


  1. I LOVE your painting shed, I'm am quite envious! Xxx

  2. Me too, but could not do without heating! Roll on the summer.

    1. I've just spent all morning in the shed and it's bloody raining! So yeh, I put the heater on and then had to walk through swampy grass to get back to the house! Is it not summer now, what's going on! Ha ha! Xxxxxxxx


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