Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Up, up and away - a burnt pencil box

In September Girlie will be starting primary school. She will have just turned four at the end of July and off she'll go (youngest in her class) to school. Gulp! It seems a bit too soon for her to be in a school uniform, having to sit still and learn all her targets, but that's what's going to happen. So this little pencil case is for her.

I decided on rabbits as it's still Easter in my mind - I've just doodled another box with rabbits on and I think they've stuck with me. I was going to have one rabbit in a hot air balloon, but he looked all alone, so I gave him a friend. I didn't want the theme of this box to be loneliness!! AHHH!

The colour palette was fun to do. I mixed a grey and used that as the base to mix all my colours, including the yellow. That way all the colours go together. I thought I'd finished painting but realised I hadn't painted the pencil ends. This is where a huge stash of art materials comes in handy. I remembered the silver pen I bought ages ago (for the Christmas bauble box) so I used that. Luckily I actually found it; usually I can't find anything once it's been used! The pencil ends sparkle now.

So there it is, Girlie's pencil box. Now I just have to work how to shrink myself to fit in the box so I can go with her. Only joking.... I'll be too busy crying.

Thanks for reading! XXX

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  1. Oh so very, very sweet! I'm sure girlie will love taking this gorgeous box to school and it will remind her of mummy! Xxx


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