Monday, 21 March 2016

Sunday sevens #15

I'm a bit late with this week's Sunday Sevens! And it's going to be short and sweet again, because it's a bit hectic round here at the moment! I've been piano playing, coin making, comic creating, freelancing, box making and kitten tracking.

1. Even though I've got boxes to do and the house is a mess, I've spent a lot of time accompanying some very famous singers on the piano. I've got an evening job as a piano player in a lounge bar, and it's been fabulous. I spent an hour last night with OMI (who?) playing his hit Hola Hoop, and the audience went WILD!.... OK, I've woken up now.... What I'm actually doing is playing Magic Piano, a free app, which is addictive. I just put my earphones on and tell Mr Husband that I'm going to my evening job. Try it, it's fab!

2. I've been continuing to download my little comic, so that's kept me busy this week. It's on Tapastic under Didi Von Stone. Have a look, it's nothing but fun and totally underwhelming.

3. Lots of boxes have been burnt, painted, sanded and varnished. I'm surprised I'm not addicted to varnish by now!

4. We made (or tried to make) chocolate coins! So frustrating, so rubbish, so sticky. It's in the bin now. Don't tell girly. Although, she was unimpressed too. It made me go 'grrrrrrrrrrrr'!

5. We're still on the hunt for a kitten (or two) and I think I'm on to a good 'lead' (nearly a pun, but cats don't go on leads)! The RSPCA in Canterbury have a secret stash of kittens apparently, so we'll be clawing our way there soon! (Clawing our way.....!!!)

6. Did you know I've given birth to a natural instagramer? Here's a photo she took in Whitstable...

7. ... and this is the photo she took of me, and it's very flattering. I don't look anything as good as this in real life.

And that's it for this week. A quick one for you, but you're busy anyway, and I've just given you the gift of time! Thanks for reading xxx!


  1. Hi I've seen your boxes in a little shop I would like one of these boxes but I am looking to have it personalised do you any contact details so I can contact you

    1. Hi Charlotte, that's fabulous. I'd love to make you a box! Exciting!
      Are you on Twitter? If you are, we could message each other through that, or if not contact me by email

  2. I still think you're boxes are amazing! I'm definitely getting one sent to my Mum's when I eventually head back to the UK for a visit! Love the photos that Girlie is taking...maybe she'll have a Sunday Sevens of her own soon! :-)

    1. Oh thanks Natalie! Id love to make you a box! Yes, I think girlie will be joining in with us when she's old enough. She loves taking photos, so maybe she can be in charge of remembering the phone. Thanks for your lovely comments Natalie xxxx


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