Sunday, 13 March 2016

Sunday Sevens #14

This week began with lots of booze, banana bread and the beach and ended with a white squirrel... I'll try not to bore ya! 

1. My sister-in-law came to stay for a few days and she's vegan, so Mr Husband (being a good brother) made vegan banana bread! It was lovely! So here's the recipe. I would have posted a picture of the actual cake but it proved too delicious!

2. Chicken pox well and truly over, we all ended up at the Lower Leas Cliff Park in Folkestone. My girlie was over the moon to be out and about, and we had a great time on the tunnel slides and zip wires. I've now mastered the art of the tunnel slide, and it involves tightening your bum cheeks and leaning into the curve. Top tip for anyone who finds themselves rattling down a tin of baked beans at 40 miles an hour.

3. I'll set the scene for this one... Two very tired, toddler-obsessed parents and their house guests find themselves alone in a house with booze. What's going to happen? Well, they're gonna do competitive Lego building, tch, of course! This is the results...

4. So, after the hang over and a fond farewell, we resumed as usual and had lunch with Mr Husband. Check out the red shoes, doggy skirt and tiny tiny jean jacket! So bloody cute!

5.The old butler sink we planted with bulbs is now blooming! I love Spring so much!

6. By Friday, I almost had a heart attack because I needed to make six boxes in three days!! Gulp!! So, on Friday procrastination was flung out the door and spat upon, and I just got the F on with it. I stank of burnt wood, but it's quite nice. Eau de burn!

7. Finally, this. On this blog I have talked about my disfunctional relationship with my phone and this sums it up. Me and girlie went to Canterbury and got stuck in traffic and while we were singing CBeebies tunes, a pure white squirrel scrambled towards us, stopped for a while, had a look around, sniffed the air, questioned life, remembered relatives now past, mentally calculated 249 x 235 and then darted into a bush!! A pure white squirrel, a rare white squirrel!! Very rare here! I just watched it in awe and made sure girlie saw it, and then totally forgot to take a photo, because I'm so stupid. So this photo will have to do. That's a rare squirrel that I forgot to take a photo of! Shoot me now!

It's a quick one this week! But have a good week and have fun. Natalie and Wendy thank you so much for your lovely comments! Xxxxx


  1. That banana bread sounds amazing! I may have to give that a try :-) It looks like you've had a great week out and about after the pox! I bet you did a huge cheer! ha :-)

  2. I've never heard of a white squirrel before, it must have been amazing to actually see one. Thanks for the banana bread recipe, I'm going to give that a go this week



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