Friday, 4 March 2016

Sunday Sevens #13

Spring has sprung, the grass is riz, I wonder where the burdies is?

This week Spring has well and truly sprung! And like a poised spring, one thing has led to another. The chicken pox inspired lots of messy crafting, the crafting forced us to get out in the garden, and the garden's daffodils made me think of Easter and eat lots of Chocolate eggs! So, if you want to stay thin don't spend time with a chicken poxed toddler! 

1. On Sunday afternoon I had, to my astonishment, a huge migraine which started with flashing lights across the top of my vision, and then got quite bad so I couldn't see my hand properly in front of my face. So after only four hours of being awake I went back to bed! A great start to the week! I can't sleep with headache, so I was a bit blurry on Monday morning, and still couldn't move my head or cough without an invisible iron rod crashing down on my skull. I did go to work though (because I must be amazing... smug grin) but I had to add headache tablets to the essentials I keep in my pencil case. This is everything I need to get through a grown up job:

i) My lucky fountain pen which I've had for at least 15 years and can't be without. IT can write sentences better than me, and if IT wrote this blog it would be mucho improved.
ii) Liquorice and peppermint Tea Pigs tea because I'm trying to be a thin person (sucks stomach in).

iii) Highlighters (stolen from Girlie's craft set). As soon as she got these I had my eye on them and one of the main reasons I'm working is to get a chance to use them. I could highlight stuff for a living, I'm at expert level.

iv) Two very sharp pencils. I need two because I'm too lazy to sharpen, so one is the Top Dog and the other is its helpful friend.

v) Lip balm. I get annoyed if I don't have lip balm within easy reach (who doesn't?). I've develop a high dependency on this stuff, which thankfully the government haven't yet made illegal.

vi) Two biros that look like pencil crayons (silly giggle). I've got a fondness for these pens they're 'ace' (as my brother would say*).

vii) A black fibre tip pen which is great for doodling. Essential doddling mind you!

2. Girlie managed to get chicken pox this week, which isn't a bad thing as she only has a mild dose of it which hasn't slowed her down at all (sigh). So this week we've done a lot of crafting. This is her doing a spotty pom-pom picture, which looks like she's taking her time and thoughtfully creating a masterpiece. In reality she was actually cackling like a crazy person, throwing pom-poms with gusto into heaps of glitter glue and threatening me with the glue finger.

3. Another crafty thing which took her mind off the scratching. Post-it notes are one of her favourite things to draw on and here I've tried to tame her spreading them around the house by telling her to create an art installation. It really was an art installation too, because throughout the evening we heard a distinctive flutter and plop as they all fell on to the floor. As long as they didn't fall in any remaining glitter glue we were OK.

4. More crafting. I told you we did a lot this week! Mr Husband was harangued to bring home the latest CBeebies Art comic. I was running short of ideas by Friday and we were out of supplies having gone bezerk with the glitter glue. I love this comic and we always make everything in it together. I personally like the chicken which has just had its bum pinched by the blue rabbit.

5. If you've got Chicken Pox you automatically qualify for presents, it's a basic human right. Girlie's seemed to be mainly Lego based. This is my favourite Lego set so far. The Easter egg decorating one, complete with a little boy with a shocked face because he's dropped his egg! The kitchen is better than ours with working little drawers and a coffee machine!

6. Spring has sprung here, and about bloody time! These are the lovely daffodils under our elf tree (the one that the mysterious blue mushrooms grow under). I wonder if there is anyone who doesn't love daffodils or snowdrops? Is there really a miserable sod out there who can't stand them? Surely not, but probably.

7. Finally, these things... Cadbury mini eggs! I'm trying to be a thin person, but these exist! And if these exist then I don't think I can be a thin person in the spring. So far three tubes have disappeared whilst in my vicinity! I think they are essential, and so I'll be putting my pens, pencils and lip balm in a full mini egg tube from now on. Damn you Cadbury, I could be beautiful! 

*The word 'ace' is still used by my brother who is not 12 but 44. It always makes me guffaw when he says it, but recently I've found myself saying it too. I've caught it off him. He also says 'dear' meaning expensive 'those jeans were dear'. I thought just old people said that. Is it just me???

Anyway, thanks for reading! Have a good week xxxxx!

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