Tuesday, 29 March 2016

My talented friend... Jenny

This blog is all about hidden treasures, and that includes finding those hidden, sometimes neglected, talents that we didn't know we had or had just forgotten. So this post is completely apt as it is from my very talented and beautiful friend Jenny, who found her hidden talent to be needle felting, amongst other things (singing, painting, photography, acting..... I could go on).

"My name is Jenny and I live by the sea in Hythe, Kent. I’m a full-time picture editor and live with my husband Edward and our cat Peanut.

Two years ago I discovered the joys of needle felting. Edward bought me a needle felt kit for my birthday in January. It was to make a fruit bowl containing various fruits. One day I decided to pick up the kit and give it a go. I didn’t (and still haven’t) make the fruit bowl... however I made a tiny bee. This was the turning point... I was hooked!

I have since made endless creatures. All my friends and family have at least one of my tiny creations! I’ve made bees, birds, ladybirds, cats, whales, owls, hedgehogs, guinea pigs, apple trees, foxes, lizards, turtles, multicoloured ball garlands, hamsters, penguins and even a yellow submarine for my dad on father’s day.

I find needle felting to be something that makes me very happy. Every evening when I get home from a stressful day at work, I settle down and make a creature or two. It’s so therapeutic and relaxing. I also love painting and teaching felting classes in my local sewing shop.

I hope you like my tiny creations :)"

If you would like one of Jenny's amazing felted creatures, have a look at her Etsy shop. There is lots to choose from and she can even personalise them to suit you. Visit Etsy.com/shop/jenifelt or Facebook.com/tinycreationsjenifelt. She is also on Instagram and twitter as jenifalynn.

Seven questions for Jenny

Where do you do your felting?
At home mainly on the sofa or in bed, but I've also made things on the train. 

What is your favourite thing that you've made?
My wedding bouquet (pictured below) which I took to Vegas when we got married.

Where do you get your materials from?
I find materials everywhere. Sometimes on Ebay or Amazon, sometimes at my local felt and sewing shop. I also love to rummage around junk shops and boot fairs for additional accessories.

Where do you get your fabulous ideas from?
Mainly from childhood memories including the toys I remember playing with.
Plus, I love animals so I like to create little creatures.

Have you ever been asked for anything out of the ordinary?
Yes, seven tiny ladybird brooches for a hen party. I made a tiny 'L plate' veil for the bride's ladybird.

What kind of response have you had from your buyers?
All very complimentary. They all comment on how original my style is.

Finally, what do you get if you cross a cow with a trampoline?
Hmmmm... a moo bonce? No, A milk shake, silly!

Jenny's creations are flipping fantastic, and just when you thought she couldn't get any better - these are her latest range of felted framed pictures (I love these)...

Why not get one for yourself or as a present, you'll be getting something really unique and very special from a very talented Jenny. Visit Etsy.com/shop/jenifelt or Facebook.com/tinycreationsjenifelt

Thanks for reading, now go and buy yourself one of Jenny's felted creatures!  

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