Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Chicken pox days


It was an ordinary day at home today. Me and my girlie playing hide and seek, baking Welsh cakes (don't ask), watching Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom, negotiating vegetables and getting ready to meet my lovely friend Wendy..... when the much-warned-about chicken pox struck! I think I might have missed the signs if I hadn't have been warned yesterday that it was 'going around' Girly's pre-school. But there they were - the first itchy spots. 

We haven't had the best record for health this February, so this just seems like rudeness on the part of Mother Nature. I mean, it's March today and we wanted to go to Whitstable Castle and play on the pirate ship! Plus, I didn't actually want it to rain because on Saturday I bought Girly a gorgeous needle-cord dress and a cute-as-Liza-Minnelli-when-she-was-young (of course) jean jacket which she could have worn! But no, no no. I wasn't allowed to chat to Wendy, and Girly wasn't allowed to dominate the basket swing and look cute! It had to rain and the spots had to come out! 

Girly wasn't impressed and did a bit of dramatic wailing, "no, no, no I really really really don't want chicken skin like Eva" but she's not too down in the dumps. I did a bit of internet research so I know the basics (call me Doc), and I had a delivery of calamine lotion from my mum (which I managed to throw everywhere thinking the cap was on when it wasn't) so I was all ready for the 'illness' to get going. 'Bring it on' as Katie Price said over and over and over again in noughties.

Then I realised that this chicken pox business lasts for weeks not hours. It's not like the 24-hour bug she had recently! Suddenly, there's people to tell and plans to cancel. On Thursday friends were coming round with their children, there's swimming which she loves, I'm meant to be working on Wednesday and maybe Friday, plus my sister-in-law is visiting us from Exeter at the weekend! And that's just this week, what about next week?

So, a bit of rearranging is needed and I'm anticipating a few disrupted nights (I might be being naive I know?). I daredn't tell her about missing both swimming and pre-school, or there will be a mini meltdown. Plus, how do you co-ordinate night-times when you've only got 'striped' PJs? (only joking, she's got spotty ones). 

I'll let you know how we get on. Thanks for reading XX.

P.S. Can I just say that I'm only being flippant about Girly's chicken pox because she only has a mild attack of it, I know it can be a very dangerous virus and I am not being a dick (honest). Just want to give my love to those children and adults that get horrendous cases of it. XX


  1. Oh lovely girlie... Hope the spots go soon xxxx

  2. Glad she's only got the pox mildly!! Get well soon sweetie Pie. Hope we can rearrange our Castle, Coffee and Cake soon, big hugs!! Xxxxx


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