Tuesday, 26 January 2016

The second Whitstable-inspired burnt box

Oysters anyone? The sea, the sky, seagulls, oysters and the very famous Wheelers Oyster Bar - a burnt box which has Whitstable written all over it.

This box just seemed to appear out of nowhere. I drew the design on while making girly's tea, so in between stirring and chopping it just happened.

I knew I wanted the iconic Wheelers Oyster Bar on it, and so last week I took my girly to Whitstable, and while she scooted along the seafront path, I took photographs. One broken scooter, a lost hat, a dog poo shoe, an ice-cream and a doughnut later and we were exhausted, but I had a few ideas of what I wanted my boxes to look like.

However, as always, as soon as the burning and painting begins everything changes and the boxes just do themselves.

I prefer this box to the first one I did. I like the simplicity, and so I will be re-doing the first box in this style. Two paces forward and one back! Always the way.

Last night I re-drew the first box and that is looking at me now impatiently wanting to be burnt and painted. I, however, have other plans today. They involve building forts with cushions, perhaps going on a mud walk, and playing lots of hide and seek. So the boxes will have to wait. XXXX

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  1. Love the pink and blue of Wheelers Oyster Bar and this box shows it off beautifully! Do you know, I've lived here for 9 years and still haven't eaten an oyster?!! I really must be brave and try one...
    Hope you are enjoying building forts, a good day for staying cosy indoors! Xxxxx


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