Wednesday, 27 January 2016

A fishy Whitstable-inspired burnt-box (a re-do)

This re-drawn fishy burnt-box managed to get completed yesterday in-between hide and seek, rocking the conga, fort building and lots of mess-making.

It now matches the Wheelers Oyster Bar box, and they look like a pair. While the oyster box has oysters around the borders and a pile of oysters on the back, the fishy fisherman box has fish tails around the border and a pile of fish and oysters on the back.


Now I have to do the third box of the set, which I think will be another of the beautiful shops in Harbour Street, perhaps the book shop. Unfortunately, the lock on our back door has broken, so I can't get out to the garden and my lovely shed where all my blank boxes and art supplies are. The other night I had to climb out of the dining-room window, while girly looked on with a frown on her face. "No Mummy, NO, this looks TOO dangerous" she said, as I plopped onto the grass below. "It'll be fine darling," I said slightly winded by the fall "But don't you even THINK about doing this, it's just for grown ups!" Mr Husband had to haul me up and pull me back through the window. It was then I realised I hadn't closed the gate properly, so he had to plop himself out of the window to secure it. Now kids, that just goes to show that you don't need drink and drugs to have fun! 
Thanks for reading xxxxxx

Pssssss! All these boxes are for sale, so if you would like one just ask!

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