Friday, 11 December 2015

Life's a circus box

Boiled sweets and the circus - a retro burnt-box full of colour!

The quote that inspired this box was the old classic, "life's a circus, enjoy the show", but actually the quote I prefer is one I found recently - "not my monkeys, not my circus". That one made me laugh because I often find myself in apt situations thinking just that; at playgroup when I see a child-brawl thankfully not involving my little one; at soft-play centers while avidly watching horrific chaos and thinking about the staff that have to face it everyday; and at Christmas parties when I can see the poor organisers trying to get the oldest member of staff into the tiny Santa costume.

Anyway, enough about that! This box was fun to do, and painting boiled sweets is fabulous. I pinched the idea of the hanging light bulbs from the TV show 'First Dates'. In the restaurant they have these beautiful light bulbs dangling all over the ceiling, so that got stuck in my head and ended up on this box.

So I hope you like it. It will be going on my Etsy page, so why not buy it? Click on the logo above and you'll go straight to my shop. So thanks for reading, and next time you're casually witnessing chaos, just remember - they're not your monkeys, it's not your circus! xxxx

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  1. Such a bright, fun box! Beautiful. You are such a clever lady! Xxx


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