Wednesday, 25 November 2015

The art of getting dressed

When I was working, before the busy joy of having a child, I had so much time on my hands that it was criminal. I didn't KNOW I had a lot of time at my disposal OBVIOUSLY, I thought my life was chaotic. It has only come to light recently that I squandered so many hours on meaningless task, after meaningless task. Hang on a minute. I am writing a blog post now which is a meaningless....... ANYWAY, when I was without my joy-bundle I was free to roam and do, and there is evidence of this still all around me.

I recently sorted out my wardrobe, and had totally forgotten the drawings stuck on the back of the wardrobe doors. So lazy was I in my 30s that I couldn't be bothered to decide what to wear in a morning, so I made myself an Outfit Menu. Then I could just choose an outfit from the pictures, put the stuff on, and go. No looking in the mirror, and no asking Husband-face if I looked fat in this skirt.

So here are the drawings that made up the Outfit Menu...

There are seasonal sections, shoes choices and options on which way to do my hair. It's absolutely crazy in its attention to detail. I must have been a very funny person turning up for work.

I do remember having the time to think this menu through. I had originally wanted photographs, but decided that was too time consuming, so drawings had to do.

The bloody drawings go on and on and on...

The one thing I've gleaned from this is that a) I was a lot thinner; b) I had a lot more clothes than I do now; c) I wore a lot of Noa Noa and belts; and d) I was prepared for all weathers including shovelling snow, and making snowmen (yes, there's a drawing for this senario). I also realise that nowadays I care less about what I'm wearing, and that without the Outfit Menu I do waste a lot of time messing around in the morning. If I made one now, the winter section would consist of four items of clothes, and one of them would be knickers.

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