Sunday, 1 November 2015

Sunday Sevens #9

As Alan Carr* would say "what a week it's bin"! I didn't do my Sunday Sevens last week as my little girly wasn't well, but the 'orrible virus managed to strike her again last week, and then it went for me. So this Sunday Sevens is a bit of a cheat as it includes seven pictures that, in fact, cover two weeks. I'm still a bit wobbly, so excuse my ramblings!

1. I've posted this picture on Instagram, so don't hate me, but what I didn't mention on Instagram was the fact that I saw these amazing mushrooms whilst driving home. Girly was asleep in the car and I was pootling through the village next to ours when I saw them a little distance off in a field. I did the sensible thing - parked up, ran out into the field, quickly took pictures and ran back without her majesty knowing anything about it. Whilst making the dash back to the car, the news story of the man who left his daughter alone in a car for ten minutes and was taken to court, echoed in my head. I looked around nervously, saw only sheep but quickly started planning my defence. Please note: She was in my sight the whole time, and I was no more than two minutes. I can't make boxes in prison!

2. I've blogged about this so don't hate me but... we went to Macknade Fine Foods in Faversham to get ourselves all festive. They do have the best Christmas food and lovely tins and boxes of biscuits, chocolates and Turkish delight. They also had pumpkins, which girly really wanted. It took professional skills of the highest caliber to divert her attention away from them (I've got a thing about mouldy pumpkins) and we came home with lots of chocolate treats instead. I'm not a wicked witch, but the chocolates have somehow disappeared too. I'm saving them for Christmas because you can't have a three year old eating beautiful hand-crafted Belgian chocolates in a Santa tin in October! We're not Posh and Becks!

3. Ah yes... now then, a picture you've not seen before. We found a strange wasp! A wood wasp with a spike coming out of his backside. Never seen one before, but we liked him a lot. Right, what's next...

4. Before I tidied up the house (because it was getting out of control) I took this picture of the kitchen table. Making boxes is a messy business. Can you see all the liquorice-toffee sweet wrappers too? That's how stuff gets done round here. Powered by liquorice.

5. Girly made her own boxes while I made mine. These are two of her fabulous creations. I love them so much that these are getting varnished. I love the way she's covered every little bit of them, it took her quite a while. So proud!

6. Halloween has never really featured in my life at all, but this year little girly was invited to do some trick or treating (she calls it trickle treating) which would culminate in a mini disco at the village hall. The first requirement was the costume, so me and Grandma took her to Sainsbury which had the biggest selection of costumes I've ever seen. Is it always like this? I never knew it was such a big deal. Anyway, we let the little one choose and she chose this, a pumpkin one! The evening was good actually (it lasted an hour!). We had a map of the houses to visit, a torch, a million layers of clothes, and a three year old who was still a bit poorly who fell asleep 15 minutes before we were due to be there (5.30pm). She had to be carried around the whole route, but she was so happy when strangers gave her chocolate (not Belgian like she's now used to but...). When we got to the disco, she said 'can we go home' and we didn't even answer the question before we were back in the car reversing out of our parking space. Happy Halloween everyone. 
Next week, we have a bonfire party to go to... sigh.

7. Final photo... the gingerbread spooky house we made while poorly. We dare not eat it as it's probably crawling with 'orrible germs. This spooky house really is frightening, it could make you sit on the loo for two days!

Have a good week everyone! *By the way that's how Alan Carr says 'been'! Xxxx


  1. Ooh poorly girls! Hope you are feeling better now, tummy bugs are not pleasant are they?! Love little'un's boxes, beautifully painted! Bet she looked gorgeous in her pumpkin suit! 😊 xxx

  2. Oh no,howler you feeling now? I do hope you're better! It still looks like you've done quite a bit though, despite being ill. :-) Your crafting table looks exactly like mine- I can't do any crafting & be tidy at the same time!

  3. haha not 'howler'...supposed to be 'how are'!


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