Monday, 16 November 2015

Sunday Sevens #11

This week has been wet and windy (as usual), and included some Christmas crafting, bulb planting, a teddy bear's worst day and a bike that looks like fairy puke.

1. The one thing guaranteed to make my little girly happy is the sentence 'shall we do some crafting'. Anything involving glue and glitter is much better than even ice-cream or chocolate, even better than crawling under the sofa and shouting 'I'm stuck AGAIN mummy'. So I do love the Cbeebies Art comic which, this week, included a mini Santa's grotto complete with elf, tree, Rudolf and Santa himself. These are the results of our labour and it looks pretty good. The grotto does have major structural damage, but we will be applying to Grand Designs so Kevin McCloud can tut about it.

2. The old butler sink has been sat outside in the rain, while the daffodil and crocus bulbs, we bought weeks ago, have been sitting by the back door all smug-like. So this week, me and girly planted, what seemed like, a million bulbs in two layers; all ready for spring. We love getting messy, but by the time we had finished we both looked like we'd been to Glastonbury. If there's one thing guaranteed to make my little girly run away and hide under the sofa, it's the sentence 'shall we just quickly wash your hands'. So that was a fun twenty minutes.

3. Did you know fairy's puke up bikes? Yes they do. And here's the proof. Christmas is coming and this is the bike girly chose out of a whole rack of normal-looking bikes. This one comes with headache tablets and an anti-glitter device.

4. Due to a lot of Margate-inspired boxes being made, we all ended up in Margate this week so I could take some photographs of the town's many landmarks. By far my favourite landmark is the Lido sign, and I have no idea why. Its 1920's style is quite endearing. I wish I could take it home with me to be honest, but I don't think I'd get it in my tiny car. So here's a picture of the beach which, as it turns out, I can get in my car!! Most of Margate beach now resides in the footwell of my car!

5 and 6. The two boxes I made this week inspired by Margate... nothing much to be said as this is a shameless plug for you to visit my Etsy shop. Don't worry, just ignore this bit.

7. This week we got up early and went to Girly's preschool for 8am where all the parents and the children had a teddy bears' breakfast. It was really nice and Teddy enjoyed himself... even though he was rough-housed by a little boy, thrown around mercilessly, forced to eat banana and got sat on a few times by an over-excited owner.

Have a good week everyone. XXX

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  1. How cute are those little Santa's Grotto characters?! I'm still in awe of your boxes - you've actually inspired me to give woodturning a go one day :-) I think girly's bike is great...did she see the additional pompom tassels that you can buy to put on the handlebars? Ha ;-D


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