Monday, 9 November 2015

Sunday sevens #10

This week has been a soggy one and involved a bonfire, a painting shed, Ladybird books and Sue Perkins. If you want to join in with Sunday Sevens see Natalie's blog ( for details (Wendy I'm talking to you!). 

1. I went to Hythe this week to get some Chalk Paint (Authentico, which is fabulous, utterly brilliant) but the shop wasn't there when I arrived. It confused me no end because in its place was a modern hairdressers. I thought I was going barmy, but turns out the shop has moved down the road and Derren Brown had shaken his wand to transform the charming corner shop into a faceless hairdressers. It really was unrecognisable. Shame on you Derren! Anyway, I tutted my way down the high street and eventually found my lovely chalk paint shop, which was closed! So I HAD to go to the vintage clothes shop, and I found this lovely wool coat. It is heavy! So heavy I had to wear it to the car, and I was so hot! It will be great when winter sets in. Are you jealous?

2. I've been banging on about how messy I am when I'm painting, and this week I found a solution. We turned the shed at the bottom of our garden into a little painting room for me and my girly. We always paint together, so now we can be messy together. I don't think Mr Husband will see me now until December.

3. I have just finished reading Sue Perkins brilliant biography Spectacles, and I loved it. It's funny, well written and, more importantly, not boring. Love her! It made me laugh.

4. Mr Husband came home with some of the new re-imagined Ladybird books. The one called The Wife was very accurate! He also got The Husband, The Hipster and The Midlife Crisis. The Midlife Crisis one is too true for comfort!

5. We went to a bonfire party on November 5th, and the weather was terrible. Trying to walk with an excited three-year-old down a country lane in the pitch dark and in the driving rain was 'interesting'. Mud everywhere, soaked and soggy! She was a bit scared of the fireworks, liked the bonfire, but lit up with excitement at the hog roast. She was a proper carnivore munching soggy pig and then demanding cake.

6. This week there has been a lot of Duplo play, and this is what I found in the playroom. A marvellous creation courtesy of girly and Mr Husband. I love these little worlds that she creates.

7. Finally finished another box, this time a seashell one. Do you want it? Have a look on my Etsy shop for details.

Have a great week everyone! XXXX


  1. Thank you hunny, will go check out the Sunday Sevens blog doodah right away! LOVE your coat, it's very you and your painting hut is fabulous, can I come and join in?! I can just imagine you and girly getting all painty and having a wonderful time together. (You can train her to help paint the boxes haha!!) xxxx

    1. Come and join in Wendy anytime. Getting girly trained up early! xx


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