Friday, 27 November 2015

Six of my boxes are now for sale at the Viking Gallery

I've just popped out of the shed to tell you that six of my burnt boxes are now for sale at the Viking Gallery in Margate. So drop all your plans, and go and buy some please. I don't care where you live... catch a plane, get on the bus, hail a taxi, jump in the car, borrow a bike, set the mainsail... Just forget about yourself and eating that cake in the fridge, and just concentrate on buying one or two or three of my boxes. Just a small request!

Of course, now I have to stop dancing, yahooing and celebrating, and actually make more boxes. Not sure what to start on next, but that's the exciting bit. So I'll keep you posted. Thanks for reading xxx... now get to the Viking Gallery in Margate!

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  1. Yay! Go Didi! Well done you, thoroughly deserved. You are a very talented lady, big hug! Xxx


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