Sunday, 8 November 2015

She sells sea shells...

She sells sea shells on the sea shore! This box of sea shells was inspired by the old illustrations I sometimes find in old books. I love shells, especially because of their lovely colours, so this box was a joy to paint. 

It took me a while to plan out the design which I, sensibly this time, did in my large sketch book. I then traced my design and transferred it onto the wood. This took me quite a long time as procrastination set in, and I just couldn't be bothered to do the boring tracing. As always, it got put on the kitchen table and kept staring at me until I gave in.

The best bit about making this box was painting it in the shed down the bottom of our garden. I've turned it into a little workroom for me and my girly. She calls it 'the art shed'. While I'm painting my boxes, she paints next to me, or plays in the garden. It's quite nice to have a bright happy place to be, plus it stops the kitchen table getting out of control.

Now come on darlings, you need this box in your life don't you? It's a good sturdy box, larger an A4 and is perfect for keepsakes, so adopt it today. You can see it on Etsy, or tweet me @MudlarksMagpies.

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  1. Ooh this one is sooo pretty! It would be fabulous to keep holiday mementos in, or a shell collection, or anything at all! Simply gorgeous darling! Xxx


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