Monday, 30 November 2015

Painted baubles for the vintage look

I will miss not having the beautiful vintage glass baubles on our tree this year, so I decided to make some shatter-proof vintage-looking ones using cheap plastic baubles and paint.

I've written about my Grandma's beautiful 50's glass baubles, which are the Crown Jewels in our house. They're definitely too precious to go on the tree while we have an excited three year old running around who loves to rearrange the baubles in fascinating and inventive ways (three year olds should get crowd funding for their creative enterprises). Plus, when glass ones get dropped, it's the equivalent of a tiny bomb going off isn't it - lethal shards everywhere. So, with the vintage ones safely in the loft, I bought some supermarket plastic ones and set to work.

Who doesn't like painting plastic? It is fabulous.

They're cheap, which means you can squash the round ones on one side to make an indent, just like the vintage ones. Plus, if you mess up with the painting, you can just throw them away, and you can get children involved by giving them a sharpie to decorate their own.

So now we have the vintage-look back on our tree, just don't get too close and quickly drink up that booze please. Maybe next year I'll get the proper ones out... Although as I write this she is busy rearranging the baubles on the tree AGAIN, so maybe not, maybe not until she's 20!

... I'm not kidding! There goes three baubles bouncing to the floor, and rolling under the tree. Not until she's 25 then. Or, I'll just show her them in the box when she's 30.

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  1. These are beautiful. Such a good idea to customise something which will last, hopefully for years to come.


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