Sunday, 15 November 2015

A Margate-inspired burnt box


I do confess to being slightly obsessed with the seaside, and this vintage-seaside box includes the fabulous famous Helter Skelter at Dreamland in Margate.
I wanted to include the Helter Skelter in place of a lighthouse. The waves are crashing around it, and it's the beacon for holidaymakers, and a perhaps a saviour for a town regenerating itself. Dreamland newly opened this year, and the Helter Skelter is its star attraction.

This is the first of five Margate-inspired boxes I plan to do, so I'll post the next four when I do them. I wanted to start with this one as I have always loved drawing helter shelters for some reason. Who doesn't? Although I can't go on an actual one myself. I tried when my little girly was two years old. We went to Dymchurch on the miniature railway, and she wanted to go on the Helter Skelter at the fun fair there. My knees started shaking half way, and by the time I got to the top I was having a full-on wobble. Vertigo dizziness and everything! So I had to carry her down again, and the confused man gave me my token back.

Hope you like this box. If you want to see my other boxes have a look on my etsy shop. Just click on the logo on the top left. xxxx

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