Sunday, 18 October 2015

Sunday Sevens #8

I've had a really good week this week... kitchen finished... sold a burnt box... tidied the garden... organised my wardrobe... avoided getting another pumpkin... and found some magic mushrooms!

1. On Monday morning I looked out at our garden and it looked like we'd had a massive storm - plants falling down, leaves everywhere, branches on the grass, toys strewn about and my potato-pea bush lying on the gravel looking dead. We hadn't had a storm, in fact it was far worse. We'd got something called 'neglect'. It's quite common in people who spend too much time crafting. So me and my little girly got to work and after approximately ten wheelbarrow's full of debris, we made the garden beautiful again. We even had to use a saw - this was a professional job!

2. While we were busy tidying the garden we found yet another blue mushroom! I looked it up and it's a Ringed Blue Stropharia Aeruginosa mushroom. Inedible, and in the US it is classified as containing toxic hallucinogens psilobin and psilocybin! Wow! We found a magic mushroom! We then found a cluster of them under our tree. What's a group of magic blue mushrooms called? A bong of mushrooms, a joint of mushrooms, a doobee of mushrooms, a reefer, a stoner.....?

3. I did start some sewing this week, a Simplicity kimono. It looks easy, but of course I've chosen the wrong material. A really silky jersey that hates pins and I can't find a way of doing the markings on it. Even chalk won't show up. It needs properly thinking out, so it's sitting on the kitchen table under a pile of other stuff, just waiting... and waiting... and waiting. 

4. I've been procrastinating about the kimono, which meant I found boring tasks suddenly ultra important and needing immediate attention. So I sorted out and organised all my clothes. I gave four bin-liners of clothes to charity and had to make some hard choices about what to throw out. This pair of pumps, which I've loved to death, just had to go to shoe heaven. They're split at the sole and a bit grubby. I took a photo to remember them, which is a bit sad isn't it. I loved those pumps. 

5. This week I was spurred on by the sale of one of my burnt boxes. This is the first time I've tried to sell one, and a lovely lovely lady I met on twitter snapped it up. Most of this week has been spent making and painting this, and it was so nice to sell it. So thank you so much TeaLady100 XXXX. 

6. On Wednesday my little girly asked me where her pumpkin was! (erm, in the bin). So I distracted her with some scary crafting. We made this 'orrible lot in one afternoon... that's how much 'distracting' was needed. Dracula is my favourite, he looks like he'd just nibble you. 

7. Hold on to your wigs people! The kitchen is finally finished! Eight weeks and one day, and it's done. So, anyone fancy a coffee? Yeh? OK, well... I'll come round YOUR house because my kitchen might get ruined with your bloody crumbs. 

Have a great week everyone! 


  1. Oh my God!! Your sardine box is AMAZING!!!! Hannah and I are in total awe...
    Kitchen looks beautiful too! My builder thought I was weird not having tiles, but its a great look isn't it?! Huge hugs special lady. Xxxxx

  2. Wow - kitchen looks fantastic! Are you glad to be back to normal use again? Or are you secretly missing microwave/easy meals? I am truly amazed by your talent with your burnt boxes - they are incredible! Well done you for getting one sold :-)


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