Sunday, 11 October 2015

Sunday Sevens #7

This week I found a mysterious bag of stink, discovered a statue that looks like a Times' journalist, got excited over gin, found out two-year-olds remember stuff, and taught a middle-aged man how to get sand inside his socks. I also forgot to take enough photographs...

1. At three o'clock on Sunday afternoon, we decided to go to Folkestone so our girly could paddle in the sea. She had a great time splashing in the waves, squealing with joy. Dusk is my favourite time of day and it was lovely to sit on the beach all wrapped up warm, huddled around our fish and chips and enjoying the sound of the waves. A great start to the week! Only... on Thursday I found a mysterious plastic bag in the hallway. When I opened it, the stench hit me full in the face and melted my eyelashes. Note to self: NEVER leave sea-wet clothes in a plastic bag for a week.

2. I finally got around to bottling the sloe berries and the gin. Took these pictures, tweeted them, put the bottles in the cupboard, felt pleased with myself. Then in the middle of the night I woke up and remembered I hadn't put the sugar in. A small oversight. Note to self: calm down and don't get too excited when around alcohol. 

3. Me and the little girly went to playgroup on Wednesday in Canterbury. We made a little detour to see the statues of Queen Bertha and King Ethelbert, which are in Lady Wootton's Green (I thought it was Lady Wootton's Lady Garden, but no, it's not). There's a lot of important history related to this site and I'm sure it's fascinating... but don't you think Queen Bertha's statue looks like the Times' journalist and author Caitlin Moran?

4. The kitchen is still not finished, but that didn't stop me...

5. I was quite surprised when my little girly wanted a pumpkin, and that she knew it HAD to be carved. I was hoping she had forgotten what happened last year, as she was only two. Who knew two-year-olds remember stuff? Last year we had three pumpkins which I carved. I was new to carving pumpkins so didn't get enough of the pulp out. Plus, we put them all on the radiator cover in the living room. This resulted in a funny smell for a few days and then the disgusting discovery that they'd all gone mouldy. I put the squelchy squash outside on the garden table and we still have a stain. Note to self: chuck the pumpkin out when she's not looking. 


6 & 7. Predictably we've spent even more time at the Lower Leas Cliff Park in Folkestone, but this time we took Mr Husband. He had a day off, so we had a great time showing him the zip wire, the tunnel slide and how to get sand inside your socks and pants. 

After 50 goes on the zip wire we were exhausted, but it was all good fun. Everyone needs a bone-rattling ride down a tunnel slide, and a bum-aching slide down a zip wire. Thankfully we managed to keep girly dry this time, so hopefully no mysterious plastic bags will show up next week! I might need to check Mr Husband though...

Have a great week everyone xxxx. 

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  1. We kept our towels from the beach in a bag for a while once.....I can imagine the smell that melted your eyelashes! Looks like you've had a lovely week again - I'm still very much looking forward to seeing your completed kitchen!


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