Sunday, 4 October 2015

Sunday Sevens #6

This week has been about walks in the countryside, playing on the beach, food fairs, blue mushrooms and lesser-spotted slow-moving kitchen fitters. 

This week me and Mr Husband managed to have some time together while our little girly went to Grandma's to make brownies. So we found ourselves having breakfast in Canterbury and somehow we ended up at the brilliant food market at Dane John Gardens. The aromas alone were wonderful!

Me and little girly visited Grandma, and we decided to go for a walk to get some sloe berries, ready for sloe gin at Christmas. The walk turned into rather a long hike, and at the half-way point little girly decided that she wouldn't walk any more, no thank you! This could have been due to the fact that her wellies were full of water from paddling in the stream, so I had to give her a piggy-back for, what seemed like, ages. I've now got a rather marvellous haul of berries, a pair of wellies which stink and an old lady's bent-back!

We spent two afternoons at the Lower Leas Cliff Park in Folkestone this week. This is one of our all-time favourite places in East Kent - we've never had a bad day there. With blue skies and a gentle breeze, we had a great time going down the tunnel slide and zip wires, playing on the pirate ship, running on the beach and then recovering at The Mermaid Cafe. I think the two days we spent here this week will be some of my most treasured memories when I'm old and grey and smelling of biscuits.  

This sums up our time... happy happy happy feet. 

We had a trip to The Range and found that Christmas has well and truly arrived in full techni-colour. We found some marvellous glass baubles to add to the huge collection we already have up in the loft slowly pulling down our roof! You can never have too many glass baubles!

While in the garden we found another blue mushroom. Last year we found the mushroom pictured below, and I was so happy to see another one growing in the pretty much the same place. I haven't got a picture of the blue mushroom we found this week, as the kitchen fitters were in. Three-year-olds and kitchen fitters do not mix - one of them always needs something whether its a wee or a drink - so it's very distracting.

So yes, the kitchen is coming along... v e r y... v e r y... v e r y... v e r y... v e r y... v e r y...  s   l   o   w   l   y. 

Have a great week everyone XXXX

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  1. You had me confused there hunny, a 'kitten fitter'??!! Haha!
    Your kitchen looks beautiful, do you keep stroking that gorgeous granite? Glad to hear it is coming along, albeit slowly!
    Big hug xxxxxx


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