Friday, 2 October 2015

Friday's Find of the Week #1

I love writing the weekly Sunday Sevens, a blogging group started by Natalie of, so I have decided to include another weekly feature on my blog - Friday's Find of the Week. As an avid hunter of treasures (hence the origins of this blog) I sometimes come across weird and wonderful things whether it's a vintage toy, interesting book or something growing in the garden, so in these Friday's Find posts I hope to share some of the highlights of my hunting. This week I stumbled across...

... A vintage News of the World sewing pattern and two wooden cotton reels

I found this one while riffling through the vintage clothing store 'Frocks n Stocks' in Canterbury. This lovely shop on Burgate has a tiny room at the back devoted to sewing stuff. Only two people fit in at a time, so you can have a proper look at everything in peace. Who knew that the, now defunct, News Of The World once gave way a series of 'exclusive' sewing patterns by Unity Hall. This pattern is numbered 83, so they must have made a fair few of them. On the back of the pattern Unity, one of the paper's agony aunts writes, "Dear Reader, I do hope you enjoy making this News Of The World pattern, and that the result is a 'happy' outfit. Have a lovely time every time you wear it". She sounds lovely. I bought this for £2 because I think every child should have a winter cape. I had a cape when I was little, and I loved it. I felt like Wonder Woman, even though she never donned a cape like this one. So I think I'll make it for my girly. I also bought two wooden cotton reels for 50p each. They have no useful purpose because the thread has faded quite badly, but I couldn't leave them. They needed to be adopted. I'm now half expecting to find wooden cotton reels everywhere I go, and you can bet by Chritsmas I'll have a huge collection. They're just so appealing. 

If you fancy joining me and doing a weekly Friday's Find post, please do. It would be great to see what treasures you've found. 

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