Wednesday, 21 October 2015

A burnt match book

"Keep a little fire burning, however small, however hidden" - my latest burnt box is a match book inspired by Cormac McCarthy's excellent quote.

I've been burning wood so much recently that I smell of bonfires. It's bloody wonderful! I LOVE that smell. Anyway, here's the box I've just finished all ready to go in my little Etsy shop. It didn't turn out quite how I'd sketched it, but I like the final result. There were a few incidents along the way.

My little girly and me like to paint together at the kitchen table, so I gave her a box of her own to paint. Unfortunately, she likes to get very very active when painting (it's more like performance art!!!) and some pink paint got flicked on my box. Fortunately, it doesn't really matter because I could have sanded it off, but it gave me an idea on how I would paint it.

Can you see the pink performance art paint?

I don't know why I ended up veering off my sketched version. It just seem to evolve on its own. Either that, or I'm not good at sticking to plans. It was the same when I did the sardine tin.

This type of box is designed as a book, and it has a pull-out spine. I can't find any more of these boxes, so this really is going to be a one-off. I've got some book boxes with a hinged lid, but I really like these 'secret compartment' books.

 I think my little girlie's box is better, but she says it's not for sale!

If you would like to have MY box, please visit my Etsy shop by clicking on the logo on the top left of this blog. Thanks for reading! And thank you so much to all those who have left lovely comments, I really do appreciate your fabulous support. (Plus, a special wink to the lovely TeaLady100 xxxx).


  1. Another beauty! Your designs are fab Didi, if girly doesn't grow up arty I will be amazed! Xxx

    1. Thanks darling. Girly has done three boxes now and she's so proud of them. She says 'don't sell this one mummy, it's mine', so funny.

  2. I love your designs, Didi, especially the fish one with quote. Really lovely.

    1. I've written your reply Bella in the wrong bit, sorry (see below). I blame the claw hand. Xxxxx

  3. Thank you so much Bella, that's really kind of you to say. I do love making them. I've been burning and painting so much recently, I've got 'claw' hand through repetitive strain ha ha ha. Xxxx


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