Friday, 23 October 2015

A burnt birdy pencil box

I've just finished this birdy pencil-crayon box and it's turned out very colourful. I had planned to do muted blues and greys, believe it or not, so I have no idea how it turned so 'rainbow'. But hey ho, it is a pencil-crayon box.

Planning this one took quite a long time. I knew I wanted birds and it had to be an art box, but that was it. So instead of sketching it all out, I just got going on the box and worked it out along the way. As you can see from my sketch book, it's a bit chaotic.

I managed to get paint on the curtains too, which was pointed out by a very amused little girly. "Oh Mummy, you've got paint on the curtains! You're so messy, so naughty". She's right.

Anyway, I'm going to try and sell this box, so if you want it just click on the Etsy logo to visit my shop, or leave a comment on twitter @mudlarksmagpies. Thanks for reading xxxxx.

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