Monday, 26 October 2015

A burnt bauble box and Curious George

My obsession with vintage glass baubles was the inspiration behind this box, which turned out to be a joy to paint. This one is also for sale, see below for details.

I'm very lucky to have a great collection of glass baubles, some of them are my Grandma's original 50s baubles, which are like the Crown Jewels in our house. I love everything about them, especially the colours, which is why I wanted to make this box. 

When we think of Christmas colours usually green and red come to mind, but with vintage baubles it's all about pastel pinks, blues, silver, gold and white - ice-cream colours gone mad. My Grandma's baubles are still in their original paper boxes (I'll have to post pictures of them nearer Christmas, you'll love them) and I really like the way they are packaged in little compartments.

So I finally finished this box, and the kitchen table has taken the brunt of the damage! I'm so messy when I'm painting. I managed not to get told off this time by my girly, as she has been poorly with a high temperature. So she has been laid on the sofa watching me paint and watching endless 'Curious George' (the official sound track of this box).

Hope you like it, and it's for sale if you want it. You can personalize all my boxes however you prefer. Just click on the Etsy logo on the top left or message me on twitter @mudlarksmagpies! Xxxxxx

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  1. What a lovely box, and perfect for keeping precious glass baubles in too! We used to have these precious decorations too, but ever the clumsy person I am, most are now broken. It's such a shame and I had forgotten about them until I saw this post. I hope yours remain intact for years to come.


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