Monday, 28 September 2015

Sunday Sevens #5

Is it really Sunday already? Are you sure? Blimey that went quick. This week has been all about sewing, sewing and sewing, days out in the sunshine, surprise presents and staring at middle-aged people snogging on park benches. No, the kitchen is not finished yet!

1. Monday morning started with a lovely present from my little girly-pants. She made me a peg picture of three pink flowers. Adorable. 

2. We went to Hythe and met Mr Husband for lunch by the canal. This picture makes the canal look like something out of Willy Wonker's Chocolate Factory. Ignore my crappy picture, it really is a nice place to have lunch... we even got to watch a very-middle-aged couple snogging on a park bench. When I say snogging, I mean SNOGGING - hands everywhere too. We all stared a bit too much really, especially me. No, they are not in the picture. 

3. While having lunch we went on a conker hunting expedition. Here is a picture of the conkers, sorry - conker - we found. To be honest we were too busy staring at the couple snogging. HANDS EVERYWHERE!

4. On Tuesday I took my little girly and my mum to Ramsgate for a visit to The Haberdashery, an Aladdin's cave of all things sewing. I won't ramble on about it because I wrote a whole blog post about it (cheeky wink to say check it out) but it really was the highlight of the week. I actually dreamt about it on Tuesday night! I'm still planning what I can do with the animal noses with whiskers (yes, I bought two) (you would've as well, don't lie). 

5. On Wednesday I finished the nightdress I was making, and started on a Christmas dress for girly-pants. This is what the floor looked like when I'd swept it. A lovely pile of satisfaction. I love starting a new sewing project, because nothing goes wrong at the beginning does it. It's all easy tracing and cutting. Five hours in and I'm swearing and unpicking and trying to kick the sewing machine. 

6. After all the rain we've had recently it was wonderful to have some sunny days, and on Thursday night we had a lovely red sky. "Red sky at night- shepherds' delight". This picture does it no justice whatsoever. It was gorgeous. Plus, on Friday, as the rhyme promises, it was sunny! Hoorah. Good news for the canal snoggers. 

7. On Friday afternoon we visited Grandma who had her washing out. This is when a certain girl-pants decided that "the flowers are talking to me and they want some water". So the hose pipe came out and we watched her for half an hour desperately trying to stop the urge to soak grandmas washing. She did well, and it was only the plants and paving that got wet, as well as her whole self. She had a great time.

I hope you all have a great week, and if you fancy a snog in the park - go for it, but I expect your hands to be EVERYWHERE! 

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  1. I do love reading your posts! I laughed a lot at the snogging, touching couple! I would have stared too...over the top public displays of affection are not my thing! Ha! Girl pants did very well not to soak Grandma's washing - well done to her :-)


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