Sunday, 20 September 2015

Sunday Sevens #4

For the last two weeks we've had a few domestic disasters. Nothing serious, but enough to be annoying. Firstly the kitchen isn't finished so we're still camping out in the living room. The boiler decided to pack in and then the iPad decided to follow. At one point we had no heating, no hot water, no cooker, no kitchen, no internet and no iPad. The most frustrating bit of all was rebuilding the iPad from scratch, and trying to remember all the passwords. Trying and retrying passwords with upper case and lower case letters is so annoying. This is when Thomas Edison came to mind when he said "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work". So apologies for not posting a Sunday Sevens last week, but here's a little catch up. 

1. My little girly started back at preschool. Only two mornings a week, but it really felt like summer was well and truly over when she proudly wore her backpack. I felt a bit sad. The first morning started with a bang... a bang on her nose. She was excitedly running to get through the gates when she tripped up. So with blood running down her little face I had to hand her over to her teacher, and hastily get back to the house where a man was waiting to fix the boiler. Not a great start.

2. With no cooker I have had to improvise. This is where the internet (when it's bloody working) came into its own. You'll all know this, but I only found out last week that you can steam vegetables in the microwave. I also found out that you can buy sticky rice and salmon fillets for the microwave - who knew?..... Oh, you DID know... EVERYONE knows do they... oh ok. Forgive my ignorance! This is a picture of my littlie eating sticky rice, salmon and steamed broccoli with her chopsticks. A proud moment for me as I've never cooked dinner while sitting on the livingroom floor in front of a microwave.

3. Mr Husband came home one day last week with a little present for the little one. The play-doh barber set! We realised that the advertising on TV had actually worked on him, and not on our little girl. She was nonchalant about it, while Mr Husband was actually late for work as he became play-doh's Videl Sassoon one morning. As he went rushing out of the door, I gave him an eye-roll and then got down to some serious hairdressing myself for about two hours. It is fabulous. Get one for yourself, you don't need to have a child in the vicinity to enjoy it, in fact it's better if there's no children interfering in the fun.

4. My Dad and his wife came to visit us for two weeks along with their one-year-old black Labrador called Jack. We had a lovely time with them, and the weather was actually quite nice most of the time. Amongst other things, we went to Deal and had a paddle in the sea; explored Sandwich and visited the sweet shop; and went on a walk which ended up at the farm shop for treats. Young dogs and children are in many ways alike. They both like eating far too many treats, they both get completely soaking wet anywhere near water and they always need a poo at inappropriate moments. Here's a picture of the ducks we fed in sandwich. 

5. Me and Vivienne Westwood are having a great time together at the moment, we're such great friends. Well actually I'm just reading her book, but I like to dream. She is amazing, and reading about how the punk thing got started is fascinating. Me and my mum went to the Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty exhibition at the V&A, and we have both been reading everything about him and watching everything on YouTube. I have finally got over my obsession with him, but now I think it's Vivienne's turn. Here's a picture of my best mate...

6. I have definitely lost my vavavoom with regards to making things. I thinks it's all the chaos at home which doesn't make it easy to sew, especially when the kitchen table is now used for everything. So I haven't done much. However I had a 'Vivienne Westwood moment' and decided to cut up some of my little girl's old clothes to create two sweatshirts. I can never throw away her clothes, especially when they've got lovely buttons or embroidery on them. So a good solution seems to be to recycle them. These two sweatshirts cost a pound from Asda, but soon they be colourful and quirky. Thank you Vivienne. 

7. My final picture is of my little girly yesterday when she went to the playground with Mr Husband. I wasnt with them as me and my mum decided to join the East Kent Embroidery Guild. We went to our first meeting, after a pina colada of course, and it was fab. So I think this picture of my little girl sums up the week really. She is running as fast as she can to get to the swings. Full of vavavoom! Hopefully my vavavoom will return and I'll be running to the sewing machine or my embroidery box soon. 

Have a good week everyone and get running! Xxxxxx


  1. Oh bless you! What a fortnight you've had! (I wondered why you hadn't answered my email haha!). I so hope everything is sorted out for you ASAP and you get your beautiful house straight again. Big hug! Xxxxx

  2. So glad to see you back on it this week! Glad to hear that things are sort of going in the right direction - you seem to be making the most of certain situations anyway! We always laugh about the meals we ate when we replaced our kitchen :-) Poor little girl with her bump...glad to see she was feeling better at the end of the week!


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