Monday, 7 September 2015

Sunday Sevens #3

As Ellen Degeneres said, "accept who you are, but not if you're a series killer", and that is what I've been doing this week... no, not serial killing, but accepting who I am. Accepting that I'm not very good at dealing with kitchen fitters, that I do have crafting disasters, and an awful tendency to plan too many sewing projects at once. Oh, and that I gave birth to a shoplifter!

1. The kitchen fitters arrived on Monday! A week late, but let's just calm down people! This has meant that me and my little girly have been out of the house everyday from 8.30am until 6pm. A long time really when you're three, but much better than having to listen to radio one and watch your mummy make endless teas and coffees and chat boringly about soft-closing drawers. This is a picture of what I've mainly been looking at this week: one of many playgrounds. We also went to a play gym, playgroup and numerous caf├ęs. The rest of the time we've been at Grandma's house, enjoying her delicious food and managing to make a mess. There's broccoli underneath her sofa now, thanks to my little girly, but I've left it there just in case she has a fall and needs a snack. I'm such a good daughter. 

2. This is what greeted us at the beginning of the week - an empty kitchen. I like the different paint colours: yellow, bright green and white. Evidence of previous owners. We painted the kitchen white when we moved in. It was bright green and purple when we bought the house, and I wouldn't have bought it had I known how difficult it was to paint over. In fact the whole house had been a victim of hysterical colour-blindness. We had chocolate brown, bright pink, dark purple, bogey green and dark blue rooms to paint over! We spent the first year stoned on paint fumes.

3. I had a proper crafting disaster this week. I wanted to make a pencil box for a little girl I know who started school (my friend Lils) but it all went wrong, and ended up looking rubbish. I finished it though, which is something I don't usually do. Usually I would have chucked it in the bin and the swearing would have continued into the next day. A good lesson in accepting something's just not working but not getting annoyed by it. 

4. We went to Whitstable on Thursday and visited the market. There is a great fabric stall here selling all sorts of good stuff as cheaply as £3 a metre. I got some needle cord for a dress I want to make for my girly, and some fine white cotton to make her a nightdress. And this was where it all went wrong!...

5. The next day I went to Canterbury market early early. I knew the stall I got my material from on Thursday would be in Canterbury on Friday. All night I'd been planning and looking through my patterns, like a crazy woman. The reason being that I'd spotted some lovely cotton twill for a skirt for me, and some nice material perfect for a coat for my girly. So on Friday I got to the stall early and went to playgroup with a heavy bag of fabric... plus eight sticky buns. 

6. I now have four sewing projects to do, and no space to do them because the kitchen is still not finished. Here's a picture of the kitchen in progress... looks like more playgrounds will need to be visited, and more broccoli will be going under a pensioners sofa!

7. On Saturday we all went to Canterbury again. This time it was to visit the library. I had to return seven overdue books! SEVEN! One of which was my daughter's, but she managed to get out of any fine. I on the other hand had to pay £16! When I got home and looked in my bag I found evidence of shoplifting. My daughter had put a strawberry calculator in my bag without letting me know, and we'd effectively shoplifted it. I'm not sure now karma works - did I get the whopping library fine because of the shoplifting, or a free strawberry calculator because of the fine? Either way I'll have to go back and pay for the calculator, which is now heavily soiled, but at least I can calculate the next library fine myself. 

Have a lovely week everyone, and return those library books or karma might give you a strawberry calculator! Xxxxx


  1. Oh my goodness, you do make me giggle! I love the thought of that broccoli under your mum's sofa, waiting to be eaten in a desperate situation! Your kitchen is looking gorgeous, hope it's finished soon for you. Love your tiny tea-leaf too lol. Xxxxx

  2. Haha - your post did make me smile this week! Glad to see the kitchen has been started - I bet it's almost finished now isn't it? It does look lovely :-)


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