Wednesday, 30 September 2015

New Look 6334 nightdress

Like most things in our house at the moment, my latest sewing project had a few hiccups, including the prospect of it being given away as a costume for the school nativity.

I've got my vavavoom back at last! It's official, so let's get the Champagne out and push procrastination off the bloody cliff. I finally got round to starting and, more importantly, finishing the nightdress for my little girly. New Look 6334.

I bought some lightweight white cotton from the fabulous stall which is the main draw of Whistable Market on Thursdays, and Canterbury Market on Fridays. £3 a metre. It's lovely and soft and perfect for a nightdress. I could have chosen a patterned cotton but this is a mini-me project! My daughter loves my vintage white cotton nightdress, and gets a bit annoyed if I wear my PJs, so when she asked for a nightdress like mine I was a bit delighted. 

I've never worked with such fine material so it was a bit tricky in certain parts especially the delicate finishing of the raw edge on the interfacing. Plus, I've managed to avoid doing sleeves so far, so this was my first time. I did get a bit despondent, and had almost given up on it half way through, but thankfully carried on. It's not perfect (it's got 'wonky' written all over it), but was good practice and the most important thing was that I didn't give up.

Once I'd finished the actual nightdress it looked like an angel costume. I was already planning to give it her preschool for the nativity. But I added some embroidered running stitch around the neckline. Then I went to The Haberdashery in Ramsgate and some lovely blue and red braid 'threw' ITSELF into my basket, so I added that too. 

My machine has been playing up, and I found myself telling it off a few times. Anyone else do that? The main problem is getting the cotton on the spool to catch and be pulled through. I have no idea why it takes thirty tries, but it makes me swear a far bit. 

The rain hadn't stopped when I took these photos, so they're a bit rubbish because there was no natural sunlight! But I hope you get the idea. I also didn't have a children's coat hanger to put it on, so I used a glass jar for a while. The following photograph looks like I've decapitated someone. I think I need a few lessons in photography. Mr Husband, thankfully, came home with a t'shirt for the girly, so I pinched that coat hanger in the end.

Have a good rest of the week everyone, and please get in touch because I love to read your comments. xxxx

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