Monday, 3 August 2015

A simple embroidered pencil case

For me, embroidery has to be spontaneous and free. There's nothing nicer than choosing colours, improvising stitches, and just letting yourself create something spontaneously. It's the only way I can work, otherwise projects just don't get finished. I like to sketch something out and then see how it changes when I get a needle near it. This little project, a simple pencil case, kept me entertained for a while. I love doing French knots for some reason (?) so the blossom on the trees made me happy. It's not perfect but that's alright. It was something to do that kept me entertained.

Embroidery is one of the most relaxing pastimes for me. It's a slow thoughtful process. I feel like I'm in control of what I'm creating, unlike dressmaking which sometimes feels like I'm on the big dipper (especially when my food pedal goes crazy fast for no reason). I can happily sit watching rubbish TV while making a little embroidery. Plus, I can choose the size of piece I want to do. If I want immediate results, I'll do a little insect or a small doodle.

I found that once I'd taught myself a range of different stitches, I really caught the embroidery bug. It really is like painting or colouring-in with thread. With the recent popularity of colouring-in books for adults, as a way to relax, I think embroidery could be a contender. It's relaxing, creative and useable.

I would love to see your embroidery and compare notes. So if you have anything to share it would be lovely to hear from you. xx

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