Friday, 17 July 2015

Oliver + S seashore sundress

This easy sundress pattern is perfect for the novice dressmaker who needs a boost in confidence.
After some terrible attempts at making a skirt, which looked like a baggy dish rag, I decided that I was useless at dressmaking and quietly resigned myself to failure. It was only when I watched the Great British Sewing Bee that I realised sewing was a methodical and logical process, which I could 'maybe' get my head around. So, the Oliver + S seashore sundress was the first pattern I tried and it was amazingly easy. It gave me the confidence I needed and made me realise that it's better to try things out than just accept defeat. I made the initial error of picking up the wrong size pattern (what a wally). I was so excited to find this lovely dress that, in the mad dash to the cash till, I didn't check the sizing. My pattern goes from sizes 5 to 12, when really the smaller version would have been better since my little one is only three years old. I decided to make it up anyway in the hope it might fit her. It was really easy. I took my time - traced out the pattern, read through the instructions a zillion times, double checked I had everything and when it was finished I was really pleased. However, it is too big for her now, but soon it will be perfect. There is nothing tricky or confusing about this pattern, but you do need to do button holes. My machine was a bit grumpy about this and was obviously hungover when I attempted them. It managed the first one perfectly, and then threw a wobbly and decided to do the second one in a crazy abstract-pattern-sort-of-way. Four unpicks later (grrrrrrrr) and it was ok, just don't look too close. If you have a little girl who is a wannabe mudlarker (this dress has fab pockets for all the treasures she may find), and you need an easy and quick pattern - then try this one. I'll definitely be making more! 

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