Tuesday, 28 July 2015

My cartoon days before children

Last year we decided to sell our house. So we decluttered and packed up all the extra bits and pieces, you never need, into the loft. Well, we waited, and we waited and we waited, but five months later we hadn't even had one offer on the house (ho hum). So we did the sensible thing and decided to stay put and just get a new kitchen. I mean, who needs a new house when you can have clean drawers. Those things in the loft, we never needed before, were suddenly the things I couldn't exist without. "Where's my box full of buttons?", "where's my small embroidery hoop?", "where's my knee bandage?".

Finally after too many where's-my-explosions I clambered up the ladder and decided to reclaim my 'treasures'. Only now a band of lawless wasps, smoking cigars and drinking sherry from pint glasses no doubt, have decided to reclaim the loft. These are the same wasps that come back year after year (they must put an advert in Guardian for a time-share in what is obviously our five-star wasp loft apartment). so the 'treasures' had to stay in the loft until a 'man' came to have a polite word with them. Then he killed them dead. Right, back to the point of this post, sorry. I got some of my stuff back and I found an old sketch book, which I had before my little girl was born. It's a cartoon diary of my life, and I thought I'd share some of the panels with you. It's amazing how much time I had on my hands, and how lazy I was. Hope you enjoy. Sorry abut the rubbish drawing and photos.

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