Thursday, 23 July 2015

Embroidered pages

I had the idea of making a series of embroidered pages after finding inspiration in my grandma's chocolate box of embroidery threads. The idea is to have a book of thread pictures which I can show my daughter and make up stories with her as we explore the book. This is the first page I have finished.

A while ago I watched a tutorial on YouTube showing how to make an origami dress in paper. I made one out of material on a whim and it sat in my tin of unfinished projects for about a month. When I had the idea of making an embroidered story book, the little dress was the first thing I thought of, and so the little girl sprang out of the dress and into a forest of flowers. You can't see from my photograph but I did attempt a bit of stump work by stuffing her head to make it 3D, and also embroidering the flowers separately to stick up. I cut the rabbit from one of the shirts my daughter had when she was a baby (I can never throw away the teeny tiny baby clothes she wore). The face of the girl was inspired by a lovely paper-doll magnet my daughter loves, so the whole thing is really about her.

I'm not sure how many pages I am going to do, but there are endless possibilities with this little project. Plus, I can pick it up, or leave it, at any time - perfect.

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