Friday, 17 July 2015

Burning up

Pyrography is not something that many people do, but you should certainly give it a try. It's easy, cheap and fun and you can create all sorts of different things. I like decorating boxes, but I've seen some amazing designs burnt into chairs and tables, spoons, signs and bowls. My wood burning tool is a little treasure, that I couldn't be without.
You only need three things to start - a wood burning tool, something to burn and, if you want colour, acrylic paints. I made this box at Christmas to put my mum's presents in. It was at a time I was teaching myself French so that's why it says 'Joyeaux Noel Momie'. I drove everyone mad that Christmas. Apparently, it was only me who found it amusing to jam random French words into sentences. I still do it now, but less so after my little girl shouted 'zut alors' when she dropped a toy. Ooops. Anyway, back to the wood burning! Pencil the design onto the wood, trace over the lines with the wood burning tool, and then finish it off by using watered-down acrylic paint to add colour. I find that highlighting with white paint really helps it all pop. You can buy wood burning tools in Hobbycraft, or any craft supply shop, and they are so inexpensive and easy to use. I have seen professionals using more advanced wood burning tools, but for burning the odd box you don't need anything fancy.
I made a special illustrated box for my daughter, which has the date and time she was born. So give it a go and make lots of presents for your family and friends.
Tip: If you want very accurate letters, for a sign perhaps, print out the correct size letters or words you need, using a computer. Then, with a biro trace over the letters onto the wood, so that you get an indent in the wood. Then simply follow the indents using your wood burning tool.

As I find inspiration for more things to burn I'll let you know, but I would love to see how other people use their pyrography skills. If you are a secret wood burning fan will you share your work with me? I'd love to see it. 

The original sketch

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