Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Broidered buttons

Sometimes easy, colourful and quick projects are the most satisfying, and these embroidered buttons are just that. Please give them a try, they're so much fun to do. 
Doodles often grow into things, and these buttons began just like that. Watching TV and doodling - brilliant. Watching TV, doodling and drinking wine - perfect. But add in a tin of felt tips, to colour in your doodles, and you'll never want to do anything else. Seriously give it a go. I think my doodles began as designs for Christmas baubles, but they just looked like buttons to me. So I embroidered some and voila! Instant joy! Plus, I can use them on any dressmaking projects I manage to get round to. You just need a hoop and some button backs. I used scraps of silk material I came across in a drawer - a little treasure waiting to be found. Again sorry about the rubbish photographs, I'm new to bloggin' so I need to research some photo editing apps. Anyone got an suggestions?

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