Friday, 31 July 2015

Berty's crashing the party

Another page for my embroidered story book, and this time it's a naughty bird called Berty who crashed, and then trashed, the party.

This bird was one of the first things I ever embroidered free-style, and I had no idea what to do with him. That's why I like this project. All the bits of embroidered doodles have a place now. I can do anything really, and it will fit as a page in the book. I really like collages, and this is very much like making a paper collage. Anything goes. The party lights that the bird is pulling down, cheeky bugger, are made of paper, and the bunting is just scraps of material.

For my next embroidered page I'm thinking of doing something architectural. I have a few really old books on Venice with amazing colour-saturated photographs in. I could maybe take one of the photographs and embroider straight on to it. Just thinking out loud. Not sure how I would bind that into my embroidered book. I'll work it out. Anyway, I'll let you see when I've finished it.

The basic sketch for my Berty bird

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