Wednesday, 23 March 2016

A Hockney-inspired burnt box

I made a David Hockney-inspired Irish box for a lovely friend of mine, but I wanted to make a Yorkshire one. This is the result, and it's a lot more vibrant than the first one.

I laid all my recent boxes out on the kitchen table, ready to box up. When I was out, my Mum (who had come to look after Girlie) had a little look at them. When I asked her later what she thought of the boxes she said, "eh, yeh... they're nice. But, what's the one with the bright colours. It's not like any of the others?". Translation: I really really hated that vibrant one. Mums eh! Well it is vibrant but I was looking at Hockney's vibrant colours and they just rubbed off on me. What can I say? 

What do you think anyway? Too bright? Let me know. Thanks for reading! XXXX

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