Tuesday, 19 January 2016

A Uganda-inspired burnt memory box

This week, after lots of procrastinating, I completed the brightest, craziest and busiest burnt-box I've ever done. A Uganda-inspired memory box.

I reached 'expert level' at the game of procrastination while preparing to make this box. The house was spotless, the washing all done, the dishwasher constantly on, and I even ironed clothes, tidied cupboards, decluttered whole rooms, sorted clothes to take to the charity shop and considered crocheting a bloody scarf! That's how good I was at NOT doing this box. On Monday morning I woke up annoyed with myself, and with the deadline looming over me, I was determined to just 'get the f on with it'.
And then, I have no idea what happened. The brief was to do an Uganda-inspired box which incorporated my friend's memories of her and her husband's time there, and included Murchison Falls. The rest just happened. I wanted to include African patterns and colours, so it went a bit crazy. So much so that I kept messaging my friend with pictures of the box's progress just in case she wanted to stop me in my tracks, move house and delete my contact details.

Anyway, she said she likes it, so that's fine. Phew! It's definitely a box that draws your attention. I still can't stop staring at it. I just need to varnish it and hope all the paint doesn't run!


Next, I've got three Whitstable-inspired burnt boxes to do, so I'll try not to procrastinate and let the house mess itself up.
Thanks for reading xxxxxx


  1. Ha-ha. I am glad to hear we are all the same when it comes to those scary little jobs. :) Wonderful result though. Maybe sometimes we all need to step out of our comfort zone a bit?

    1. Thanks Bella, I think you're right. Although I think my house likes me procrastinating. My dishwasher likes me out of my comfort zone for sure. Xxxx

  2. Fantastic! Your painting of the falls is beautiful. Love the gecko too! Can't wait to see your Whitstable boxes... xxxxx


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