Saturday, 25 July 2015

Ahhhh it's a toddler

I'm a jumpy sleeper, always have been. Night terrors, I suppose they call it. Before having my little girl, I would regularly sit up in bed, see my sleeping husband and scream the house down. It would take a few minutes before I realised where I was and stop screaming. It became so regular that my poor husband got used to it, and would say grumpily 'for goodness sake it's just me' before I even got a scream in. Who knows what the neighbours thought.
When we had our daughter things changed. During the first year, I would wake up EVERY NIGHT searching the bed for my baby convinced she was lost in the bed clothes. My daughter at this point had never shared our bed, so I have no idea why I thought she was in the bed clothes. Oh, and instead of waking up screaming at my husband, I would wake up screaming at the sight of the mirror hanging on our bedroom wall. I think in my dream-state it looked like an intruder ready to snatch my little girl. But all of this was manageable, and my husband could calm me down in seconds with a simple 'it's just the bloody mirror' or 'the baby's in her cot'.
So now my daughter has a bed instead of a cot, and she often wakes in the night to come and get into bed with us. Any excuse she can think of, she makes her way to our bedroom. This has been a bit difficult for me. I'll be happily sleeping when I hear the bang bang banging of loud little monster feet on the floorboards, and then I see this terrifying vision running towards me. Hands outstretched, often shrieking with terror, with a large halo of curly unruly hair. This 'thing' then wildly lunges at me and paws its way on top of me, wiping its snotty nose on my forehead. AAAaaaaaahhhhhhhhh what is it! AAAaaaaahhhhhhhh! 
"Oh for goodness sake woman, it's just baba". 
I feel sorry for the neighbours, oh, and my husband of course. 

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